DIY Newborn Bird’s Nest Prop

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Many of you have asked and I have answered… I had previously written an article on my blog on how to put together a DIY Newborn Bird’s Nest Prop to use for your newborn photography sessions and later had to remove it for reasons that are far too complex to explain on here. I also wanted a better photo to show off the nest and feel like the one below is definitely one of the best shots I’ve taken with it.

This prop is definitely one of the most favorite props amongst the parents that come into the studio, whether it’s for a baby girl, baby boy, or even a set of twins!

The prop is fairly easy to make just requires a little bit of patience to get it to look as natural as a bird’s nest.


DIY Newborn Bird's Nest Prop

The materials you will need:

Two grapevine wreaths (I used the largest one I could find at Michaels, which I believe to be the 36 inch ones)


Floral Wires

The instructions:

Each grapevine wreath comes with a floral wire/twig wrapped around it that holds it in place. I have realized that removing this will probably be the most difficult part of the process and that you definitely have to be careful while removing this, but I don’t get rid of mine. I use it to put both grapevine wreaths together and keep them in place at the end instead of using floral wires.

Once you remove the twig that holds each wreath together you place one wreath above the other and try to combine twigs from both wreaths together so that they don’t look like two separate pieces but start to become one whole piece. Carefully, spreading apart each wreath to make it look a little more fluffy and natural.

As soon as you get it into the shape you want it and to look as natural as possible you can grab the floral wires cut them into medium sized pieces and tie certain branches/twigs together to help hold everything in its place. I keep doing this until it all feels sturdy and that when you pick it up it won’t fall apart.

You can decorate the bird’s nest by adding feathers, a little bit of moss, and other little details to make it look unique. I actually love the aerial view of a bird’s nest prop (meaning I like to shoot it from above) but if you want more of a deeper looking nest you can add another wreath to it.

I also saved coupon’s from Michael’s to get the wreaths, so I probably ended up spending less than $30 on this prop.

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