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Andrea arostegui

The Andrea Arostegui Couple

You've been together for quite some time now, you know what makes each other tick and what your favorite foods are. You've probably traveled to a few places together and if not-- you have a list of countries and cities you want to go to as soon as you say "I do". You love hosting dinner parties and having family and friends over because you value the relationships and the people you have around you.

You've probably considered eloping because you're overwhelmed with so many details and opinions but you know your wedding day will be one of the best days of your lives and the beginning of an endless journey with the one you love. We want to capture the details and the emotions from the early stages of your engagement down to the moment you exit your reception as husband and wife.

is friendly, adventurous, and family-oriented

The Andrea Arostegui Bride

You've been dreaming of your wedding day your whole life and now that you finally found the best friend you want to start a family with, you're overwhelmed with details and information from a numerous amount of vendors especially photographers. You value the importance of your photos because 30 years from now when your daughter gets engaged you want to be able to open up your album and relive your beautiful day as she makes fun of all the boho details from your wedding day. 

My goal as your photographer is to become your best friend and make sure you're comfortable enough with me to follow you, your groom, family and your bridesmaids throughout your entire wedding day. I want you to be so happy you'll even come back for me to capture your belly when you're expecting your first child!

 is sophisticated, a hopeless romantic, and detail-oriented

The Andrea Arostegui Groom

I know right now you're probably dreading the fact that you have to get in front of a camera. You probably keep telling your fiance to just tell you where to be and what time to show up for the ceremony. You're really just thinking of spending time with the guys watching sports in a hotel room while you drink before the ceremony. But you love your lady and you know this is important to her and will do anything to make her happy, even if it means standing in the heat in front of a camera for a couple of hours.

But let me tell you, your wedding day is also about you and I want to be able to document you and the guys having fun before you "take the plunge". You'll be so excited to see your bride but also extremely nervous because you won't know how you'll react. Will you cry? Will you gasp? Will you stand there simply in awe? Let's find out together and let us capture it as it happens!

 is charming, a guy's guy, and in love with his lady

We want to capture the details and the emotions from the early stages of your engagement down to the moment you exit your reception as husband and wife