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Designaglow and Millers Lab Vendor Marketing Folderss

I am a firm believer in friendship, I reiterate it all the time because I think it’s what has made my business successful for the past 7 years. I form friendships with my couples, especially my brides, but also with the vendors I work with at weddings. In the end, we’re all a team and in order to make every bride’s dream come together we have to work as ONE, before, during and after the wedding. For a couple of months I’ve been looking for the perfect vendor and client gifts and now that our whole branding is coming together exactly how I wanted it to (I mean, it only took 7 years!) I found some amazing things that I’ll be featuring on the blog in the upcoming weeks. But first, let me start with our new amazing Vendor Marketing Folders.

This industry has linked us up with some very talented and beautiful souls. From vintage rental companies, to coordinators, caterers, florists and beautiful venues we’ve met a bunch of people we love working with and would love to work with at every wedding if we could. One of the most amazing things we can do is when we can all give back to each other be it through marketing, referring brides to one another, or even doing some amazing styled shoots together. I know for a fact that my part as a photographer is to be able to give them some beautiful photographs for them to share on their social media and even in their studio spaces.

If you’ve been watching my instagram stories you’ve probably seen the behind the scenes of these beautiful packets I had made so since I’ve always tried to share information with all of you guys (because I wish someone would’ve shared this stuff with me) I’ll tell you all about them. Thanks to Design Aglow I was able to get these beautiful custom foil stamped welcome folders during one of their amazing sales. Their custom logo embossing setup is $100 they keep the die for all of your future purchases which will then be a flat fee of $50 to add unlimited embossing to all of your packaging (boxes, bags, welcome folders). Their turnaround time was honestly unbelievable and their customer service was impeccable. They helped me with submitting the logo and with all the proofs of how the design would look once it was stamped. As soon as they had the die made, which took about a week, RJ reached out to me with a sample of the logo stamped on one of the folders in the color of foil I had chosen, I ABSOLUTELY fell in love and sent the approval immediately. At the end of the week I was receiving my folders. My business cards, which I haven’t received yet, will also be hot foil stamped in ROSE GOLD, of course, and those were made by Shayna Made which you can find on etsy or through her website.

All of my marketing material template also comes from Design Aglow and the actual printed material comes straight from the lab I use to get my photographs, albums, and prints done. It’s the perfect choice for me because I don’t want bulk orders of my marketing material in case I want to make changes in the information in a few months. Unfortunately in order to use the labs you have to be a photographer and have an account but if you’re a vendor and want to get your marketing material printed through them just shoot me an e-mail and I will hook you up! My rose gold Thank You cards are from TJ MAXX! YESSSSS! Homegoods owns my heart and right now Rose Gold seems to be all the rage, which I like to believe that I started the trend, because I’ve been a fan of it since I received my first Michael Kors Rose Gold watch 4 years ago, but anyways… this turned out to be a longer post than I intended it to be and I hope you all enjoy the info on these packets because I’ve been receiving a lot of love on them on Instagram.

Vendors be on the lookout for these as you will receive them in the mail as soon as I can get to the post office.

Designaglow and Millers Lab Vendor Marketing Folderss

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