Kanye West + VOUS Sunday Service

Sunday Service Choir by Kanye West

I have no idea why I haven’t been blogging, but since we’re in quarantine and I’m putting the website and the blog back together, I figured it was the perfect time to do it. Back in December 2019, we had the chance to experience the Kanye West Sunday Service at the church I attend in Miami, VOUS Church. It was announced at last minute and we waited hours to get into the building, some people had to sit outside and watch it through a screen and others weren’t even able to make it in. It was an amazing experience and well worth it.

I must admit, I was always skeptical of the Sunday Service, but it’s one thing to hear about it and another to experience the hundreds of voices of the people in the choir (it’s not centered around Kanye, as some may actually think). That night in December I was able to just witness it and enjoy it but in February, for Superbowl Sunday, Vous and Kanye came together again for a mind-blowing Sunday Service at the FPL Solar Amphitheatre, famously known as Bayfront Park Amphitheatre. This time I had the chance of being behind the camera and photographing it. I wanted to witness the crowd’s reaction to the voices and the sermon from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and it was an honor to be a part of this as a photographer!

Here are a few photos from that day and if you ever get the chance to attend, do it, whether its out of curiosity or because you’re a fan, I promise you won’t regret it.

Kanye Sunday Service
Kanye West

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