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Thirty and a HALF & Thriving Back in May I wrote a blog post on my goals. I got a little candid  on how something snapped when I turned thirty (back in February); I figured it was time for an update. We’re at my half year mark (February + 6 months = August) and it’d be […]

Behind the Scenes and Showit I absolutely loved to add different links to my website on my Instagram Bio. Unfortunately crashed a few times and prospective clients didn’t have access to my links for a few hours. That’s when I realized I could just create an add-on through ShowIt that would allow me to customize […]


Princeton Christian closed its doors today after being a school for 60+ years. I had asked Mrs. Ferrer if I could go back once it was empty and before it closed its doors forever to take photos of the building and classrooms and keep it as a memory. I got busy going back to school […]

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Bedroom Makeover One of the things I absolutely love doing on my days off from Wedding Season is building stuff. As a matter of fact, I’m known for my cooking and handy-man skills amongst my friends. I’m also known for owning a lot of tools and taking things and refurbishing them. Apparently every time I […]

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Briza on the Bay The minute I received an inquiry from ShaKyra in March of 2017 and we communicated through e-mails I could tell she was a sweetheart. Brandon and ShaKyra were both in Kentucky, but they were looking at moving to Miami because Brandon was being picked up by the Miami Dolphins football team. […]


At 25, I had a quarter life crisis. But at thirty something snapped. I realized everything I’ve been through hasn’t been a setback, it’s been a way for God to develop me. For him to tweak things about me I was not even aware. For me to become a great wedding photographer, I need to […]

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