We may all be quarantined thanks to COVID-19 with roots growing in, nail polish chipping and eyelash extensions falling off; snacks being eaten and inches added to the waist but I am actively putting something new together to purposefully serve you ladies.

Yes, you... the ones that can't wait till this is all over to get on with your routines. The ones that run businesses and side hustles and are currently juggling home-school teacher, housewife and entrepreneur duties. The ones that maybe have lost their jobs and are thinking this is the chance to build their own empire. Maybe you're too shy to get in front of the camera to grow your brand but a fire has been lit inside of you.

Guess what the best part about this is... you're not in it alone, I'll be building my business alongside you! We're better together!

Please stay tuned for a brand new online experience.

something new is brewing and its not just coffee...


Join in on the Fun!

don't suffer from fomo

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