You've been together for quite some time now, you know what makes each other tick and what your favorite foods are. You've probably traveled to a few places together and if not you have a list of countries and cities you want to go to as soon as you say I do. You love hosting dinner parties and having family and friends over because you value the relationships and the people you have around you.

You've probably considered eloping because you're overwhelmed with so many details and opinions but you know your wedding day will be one of the best days of your lives and the beginning of an endless journey with the one you love. We want to capture the details and the emotions from the early stages of your engagement down to the moment you exit your reception as husband and wife. 

It's a love story, baby just say yes

what our brides say

She gave me wonderful vendor recommendations and she truly helped me build a great team of vendors. I initially contacted her when I was living in a different state and I didn't know anyone so her help was truly invaluable. My husband and I had already gotten married in a very small New York City Hall ceremony almost a year before our "wedding" in Miami. But we loved doing it that way and I gotta say that we had a non-traditional wedding. When we first contacted Andrea, she was real upbeat about our idea and she was on it with us 100% plus she was a treat to work with. My husband I got ready in the same room, we had no first look, we had no bridal party, we had no garter or bouquet toss. Did I mention we had a Latin and Chinese wedding?! We made our wedding the way we wanted it and Andrea captured the essence of the day. She went with the flow and gave us great ideas. Andrea's second shooter, Janelle, was so upbeat as well and we had so much fun taking pictures with both of them. We loved mixing it up and we certainly love our pictures and Andrea absolutely gave us what we were looking for. Our pictures are proof of it and I wish we could go back to that day every time we see our pictures! Thank you Andrea and team, we loved having you as our photographer!!

"Andrea was the first vendor I booked for my wedding and she made the rest so much easier!"

keren & patrick

kind words

Andrea was incredible! We had our engagement photography and wedding photography done by Andrea and we have been just thrilled with our pictures! We wanted a classic timeless look for the Engagement session and she truly caught the vibe that we were going for. Our engagement pictures were stunning, as if from a magazine! We loved them so much we used them to make a customized guestbook for the reception.

So far we have seen a couple of "sneak peek" shots of the wedding and each is more beautiful than the last. We just can't wait to receive our full set of wedding pictures, we know it will be fantastic!

Andrea is very responsive and flexible- she listened to our wants and needs and accomodated every request. We even ran off with her to take a picture on Miracle Mile right in the middle of the reception! Would highly recommend her, she is great :)

"We wanted a classic timeless look for the Engagement session and she truly caught the vibe that we were going for."

isabela & jean paul

kind words

The Investment

Our weddings are unique like all of our couples. Our collections start off with a base price of $2100 but this is why we believe a Meet and Greet date is the best way to get to know each other, first. We want to create an experience for you and build a friendship with you. This is one of the most important days of your lives, we don't want to JUST shoot your wedding and never hear from you again. 

lets go on a date

what makes you different from other photographers?

I absolutely love COLOR; vibrant, bold colors. Our post-processing tries to stay true to what you see through your eyes. Meaning we try to keep it as natural as possible. Some photographers have an airy, clean, feel while others are into some dark, moody, muted tones. Besides our editing, we love to document emotions more than actual posing.

how many photos do we receive?

Normally we deliver anywhere between 75-100 photos per hour of coverage, but every wedding is different. Some weddings have more details than other so this will give them more photos than your average wedding. It also depends on how many photographers you choose to have. An 8 hour wedding coverage can easily deliver 600-1000 photos.

would you travel outside of florida?

Absolutely, YES! As a matter of fact, my bags are already packed and my passport is ready to be stamped! There's a bucketlist of places we're dying to shoot at and offer a few discounts, so make sure to check that out 


do you provide videography?

I have been specializing strictly in wedding photography for the past 8 years therefore, I do not provide video services at this time. I do however, have a list of some amazing videographer and cinematographers I have worked with at many weddings that I would be happy to refer you to.

do we receive raw files?

You do not. Most people ask for them but the truth is when we finish a wedding, we immediately cull (select) the photos we will be editing, back those up, and the rest get erased. We then do the post-processing and they are then automatically uploaded to your online gallery to be delivered to you. Once we have finished editing a wedding, we back that up, and get rid of the RAW files.

engagement sessions...

All of our Engagement Sessions are done Monday-Thursday. This prevents crowded places and because on weekends I'm most likely shooting a wedding. Most of the Engagement Sessions are scheduled right before sunset time to get that golden hour look or early in the morning to avoid crowds. Traveling is also available for Engagement Sessions outside of Miami-Dade County.



bucket list


I'll love you forever and ever if you bring me to any of these places...



new york


n. carolina

s. carolina

new orleans

antigua, gua


granada, nic

puerto rico

dominican Rep.










I'm offering discounted packages to any couples that are getting married at any of the destinations above. Inquire by clicking to the right.

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New York
N. Carolina
S. Carolina
New Orleans
Antigua, Guatemala
Granada, Nicaragua
Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico

destination wedding inquiry

Hey Andrea,

Guess what! We're getting married in                 
and I am extremely interested in having you shoot my wedding out there! I saw you offer some discounted packages when traveling but just to let you know my budget for photography is $             . 

We're expecting        guests at our wedding and here's a few more details that might help you get to know us: 

Can't wait to hear from you!




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Thank you for your interest in a consultation and a complimentary engagement session. We absolutely love getting to know all of our prospective clients before their wedding day and we believe that you all would love to see how we work before actually booking us - this is why we came up with this amazing concept of having you try us out to see if we're a good fit for each other before you sign any agreements!

We will send you an e-mail with all the details on how this works in 24-48 hours! We can't wait to meet you!

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