Kylie and David

January 15, 2020

Longan’s Place – Homestead, FL

I’ve fallen out of the routine of blogging a sneak peek of my weddings within a few days of shooting it, so for 2020 this is one of my resolutions.

I started the 2020 Wedding Season with a friend’s wedding (my fave). If you know me, you know I’ll never turn down the opportunity to shoot a friend. Kylie and I go way back to my 8th grade (her 7th) of cheerleading with some hideous yellow and green uniforms lol! Fast forward 18 years and here we were celebrating her wedding to her best friend, Mr. David.

As much as we all complained about growing up in a small private Christian school, if there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s these friendships — the ones that no matter the distance or the time we go without seeing each other we always pick up right where we left off.

Here’s the sneak peek of the #TeachMeHowToDiffee wedding along with some commentary from yours truly lol.

If you watched my InstaStory while shooting this wedding, you’d realize we don’t “just take photos” we risk our lives or a chandelier from falling (not being dramatic or anything lol) Janelle literally climbed on the wobbliest chair I’ve ever seen to hang this dress off that chandelier, but the photos made it worth it lol.
Two bottles needed to be popped for the making of these photos. The faces = priceless.
Janelle wears multiple hats during wedding days, she’s in charge of the guys, including having to dress them. Tying bow ties, putting suspenders and boutonnieres on, you name it, she’s your girl lol.
I’m the one doing the emotional stuff, like crying behind my camera while the dad waits for that First Look with his daughter.
The most emotional part for me is always this part, when the dad gives the bride away and walks off with THAT face… OH EM GEE!!!!
This is why having two photographers during a wedding is so important, while one of us grabs one angle and tight shots, the other one is grabbing a completely different one with wider shots.
One of my favorite parts of the night, Mikey was originally supposed to officiate the wedding ceremony but was called to drill and wasn’t going to make it to the wedding… or so Kylie thought…
and there you have it… I have NO IDEA what kind of sign Kylie is throwing up in there but since she’s the bride we’ll let her do whatever she wants lol

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