Faith and Obedience

January 16, 2020

In 2018 I applied to jobs everywhere outside of Miami… New York, Tennessee, Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach, Passion City in Georgia, Elevation in NC, you name it, I was applying and interviewing.

I wanted to run away, get out, start somewhere new, where no one knew my name and where it got chilly in the fall and winter. This year, I realize that no matter where I would’ve gone I was going to take myself with me. The broken parts, the doubts and insecurities, the failures…

You can change your environment but nothing will change until you face all the baggage you carry with you and inside of you.

Yesterday I quit one of the things I was fasting from: social media. I was over it…DONE. I woke up feeling so discouraged and frustrated that the more I ran towards God the harder things were getting and I just wanted to quit. I needed the encouragement I find from scrolling and seeing pastor’s sermons and quotes on Instagram. I had scheduled an engagement shoot for later in the day and was honestly debating going to Pray First afterwards. I kept telling myself “Andrea this is your year of obedience even if your faith is at 0%”.

Today I’d say my faith is at a 50%, I am thankful that God has kept me in Miami and placed me at a church like Vous. I am grateful for the community of people that when I want to quit this journey of my walk with God (because it does get tough sometimes) they encourage me to keep pushing forward and keep believing. I’m even more grateful for the person that prayed for me yesterday at Pray First because it helped build a little bit of my faith back up and give me the encouragement that I needed as I figure out my career moves.

As we begin our Vous Crew down south this week I realize this is just a phase where I know God is the ONE moving in my life. I’m encountering Jesus in a completely different way and it’s fitting to say it’s happening while we’re in a series of talks called Becoming at church. The transformation process ain’t easy but I know it will be worth it even when I want to quit a million times along the way, at least having a group of friends and people pushing me helps. You can check out the latest sermon here: It’s a Phase

P.S. this may be the last picture you see of me with long hair because
I’m getting the itch to cut it again

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