Vous Conference 2019

June 22, 2019

No One Else is Coming

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been going to VOUS Church in Wynwood since March of 2018. Last year I was unable to attend VOUS Conference because I was shooting ShaKyra and Brandon’s amazing wedding; but I bought my tickets for Conference this year as soon as they came out and blocked out this weekend from booking weddings to not miss out on this experience.

Most of the friends I’ve made at VOUS kept telling me Conference would change my life but I had no idea what they really meant by that. I ended up serving on the Photo Team and although I had originally signed up to photograph only the first session on opening night I loved it so much I ended up asking if I could shoot more and did three in total. By serving at conference and seeing all the things Pastors Rich and DawnChere do along with the Servant Leaders for the church, I learned to respect and appreciate them so much more. I finally understood what Rich says when he tells us that we’re all the building blocks of the church and that we matter.

Our Creative Team is ridiculously amazing and so organized. The Social Media team was always on their toes making sure that all the content was being posted as it was happening. The Video team never stopped and the Photography team made sure to deliver the photos that the social media team needed and asked for, to get the message across. But most importantly, no one was looking at creating a name for themselves, people left their egos at the door and knew that this was for something so much bigger than themselves. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

I honestly can’t even summarize the event because it was just indescribable, you just had to be there. But I can tell you this, I already purchased my tickets for Conference 2020. As a matter of fact I bought it the day after 2019 ended and I think you should look into it. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Vous Worship Vous Conference 2019
Vous Worship Vous Conference Watsco 2019
Vous Worship Band Vous Conference 2019
Vous Worship Vous Conference 2019 Watsco Arena
Vous Church Band
Vous Worship Conference 2020
Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. No One Else is Coming Vous Conference
Pastor DawnChere Wilkerson Vous Conference
Doe Jones Music Vous Conference
Doe Jones Worship
This woman and her voice blew everyone away. I can’t wait to see her again next year!
Doe Jones and Vous Worship Vous Conference
Pastor Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson praying at Vous Conference
Pastor Carl Lentz Vous Conference
Carl Lentz sermon was one of the messages I needed to hear the most that whole weekend. Loved seeing him preach for the very first time!
Pastor Judah Smith and Rich Wilkerson Jr. Breakout Session Communicating for Change
This Breakout Session taught me so much on how to communicate more effectively. I had no idea what to expect out of Breakouts but I will make sure I never miss out on that experience.
Pastor Judah Smith Vous Conference
Vous Conference Watsco Arena
Ending conference with this shot and seeing the Watsco Arena packed with over 4000 people worshipping was the most amazing thing I’ve ever attended.
Vous Church Baptism Vous Conference Sunday
But ending the whole experience by getting baptized was life changing and the best decision I could’ve ever made! It was raining but over 200 people decided to get baptized even under the rain! I joked around and said I got baptized by rain, by tank, and by the Holy Spirit!
Vous Church Baptism 2019
My soul had been craving this for so long and I had the best support system cheering me on, my parents, my friends, Vous Crew family, and photo team. It was so amazing!

I truly hope some of you decide to attend Vous Conference The Way 2020. I promise you won’t regret it! Click Here to purchase your tickets.

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