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April 10, 2018

In the next few weeks I’m going to share a few things with you guys that I wish I would’ve known when I started my business 8 years ago. It’s taken a lot of trials and errors to figure out a workflow or system that works for me and my business but I wish someone would’ve been kind enough to share these softwares with me. Starting with my Client Management System: TAVE.

Client Management: TAVE

For the past 3 years I have been using TAVE. Organization has been such a major factor in keeping all my client’s information handy. I went from written contracts that needed to be physically signed, scanned, e-mailed back and then placed in a binder to having everything in digital format. I have tried everything from 17Hats and Honeybook to even Google Docs. But I have absolutely loved TAVE.

TAVE template gallery and setup help

Setting Up and Templates:

The setting up can be confusing and a bit of a pain in the butt but TAVE’s support system is pretty great and they have an amazing template gallery that you can install right into your account for your specific needs. If you have TAVE and have no idea where to find this gallery, just click HERE.

Client Portals – you can setup a client portal with a custom domain and they just log in with a username and password to have access to their questionnaires, contracts, and to make payments.

Automated E-mails:

UGH! I don’t even know where to start on this because this has been a HUGE reason as to why I’ve been so loyal to TAVE! I receive an inquiry, TAVE creates the lead for me and automatically sends a pre-formatted e-mail to my prospective clients with a Questionnaire Link attached. This Questionnaire asks any prospective client all the details and information I need in order to build a customized collection for them or so that I know exactly what collection will be a right fit for them and their wedding day.

It sends out Birthday E-mails, Anniversary E-mails, Balance Reminder E-mails, and a few weeks before the wedding it sends out the Wedding Detail Questionnaire I put together for my couples to send back. It’s like having a personal assistant but a lot cheaper!

Customized E-mail Templates:

Client Management Software for Photographers E-mail Templates

TAVE allows you to setup “tokens” in your e-mail templates. These tokens will insert your client’s specific information (i.e. their names, dates, balances, locations, etc). This makes writing out e-mails so much easier because you don’t have to look back on your files to get all their information. The tokens are automatically created from their questionnaires or contact form.


TAVE Wedding Day Workflow

So if you want to know what my workflow consists of I’ll give you a little insight of it:

  1. Lead comes in through the website’s contact form (I have yet to embed a custom form from TAVE to my site).
  2. I manually plug in the information to my TAVE account creating a LEAD. An automated e-mail gets sent within 5 minutes of the creation of the LEAD with a Custom “Preliminary Questionnaire”
  3. I then review the information that it sent back to me and send them an E-mail Template (Quick Response) that has already been pre-written and let them know if I’m available or not. If I’m not available, it refers them (with links) to other photographers that have the same similar style of photography I use. If I’m available I set up a consultation with them (via Facetime or In Person).
  4. After the Initial Consultation I send them a Post Consultation E-mail with our Collections or their Custom Quote based on what they need. They can then select the quote that best fits their budget and needs. This redirects them to their Agreement.
  5. Agreement gets electronically signed by both parties (clients and myself). They are then redirected to make their First Payment to secure their wedding date. Which they can make directly through TAVE using Square.
  6. A few weeks before the wedding, an automated e-mail goes out to remind them of when their balance is due and to fill out their Pre-Wedding Detail Questionnaire. This is followed by an e-mail with a Checklist of things to have on their wedding day (i.e. details, who has what, where do they need to meet for a First Look, etc.).
  7. After that the workflow part is on me, I check things off as I finish culling, editing, uploading, designing albums and products, delivery, etc.
  8. Finally a Post Wedding E-mail is sent where we gather information on how we did and any reviews that they may like to share with us!

That is it! If you’re ready to try TAVE out you can sign up and use their 30 day trial via TAVE.com or you can use my referral code (REFERRAL CODE HERE) and get 60 days out of it! If you have any questions on how to set up tave you can also e-mail me!

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