Hello Hustle Miami 2018 Workshop

January 25, 2018

“When you’re in your head, you’re dead”

Those words will always be engraved in my head. Sometimes things you hear go in one ear and out the other; then there’s a few other things that will always stick. This is how I feel about the quote written above from Mario Garcia at the Hello Hustle Miami 2018 workshop. It probably punched me in the face a little harder than I expected because I am always in my head, and honestly, it’s freaking exhausting.

The Wonderland Experience

This was my first workshop with Tuesdays Together, I was supposed to attend last year and had unexpected visitors come down to Miami that we had to host and it was hard to make it. This year one of my goals is to stop making excuses and attend these events. The Wonderland Experience was based off of Alice in Wonderland. Specifically the scene where she asks the Cheshire Cat which way to go and was wondering aimlessly with no goal. This is exactly how I felt last year and from listening in to other vendors at the workshop, I wasn’t the only one (which honestly made me feel good).

Thanks to Maureen and Erica Melissa I came home to revisit my goals for 2018 using the 7 step process they taught us today. If you’re looking for some extra motivation you’ll want to look through these as well:

  1. Define your Goal
  2. Where are you right now?
  3. Be honest about what you do or need to do
  4. Formulate a plan of improvement
  5. Make and work on your short term goals
  6. Commit to it.
  7. Monitor your progress


“There’s no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in your growth zone.”

Thanks to Mario and Victor I recognized that my emotional state and my progress go hand in hand. That’s probably why the past 2 years weren’t my best ones for my business but they we’re all going to serve a greater purpose in my life. If I hadn’t gone through all the things I went through I wouldn’t have grown as much as I have already and as I plan to grow this year.

This workshop helped me realize I don’t just point and shoot. I’m a friend, therapist, wedding photographer, ┬ábusiness owner, student, daughter, fitness junkie, “chef”, county employee, and I AM good enough. Those are the roles I play daily in my life. And I encourage you local creatives to check this amazing group of people out and attend one of the next workshops!

Thank you to the ladies that put together this amazing event and to our great speakers for being so motivational! Enjoy a few photos from the event taken with my iPhone 8!

Central Park Miami Wedding Venue Alice in Wonderland Themed Events Little House Originals Vintage and Tableware Props Maureen C Weddings and Erica Melissa Wedding Photographer Mario Garcia and Vic Pierantoni 2018 Vision Board Workshop

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