There’s a First Time for Everything

January 17, 2018

Tuesdays Together Miami

God works in mysterious ways and honestly His timing is always perfect. I have been a part of the Rising Tide Society’s Tuesday Together Miami group on Facebook for quite some time. Probably a little over a year actually, yet somehow I always missed their monthly meetings. Something would just always come up. Well as hard as it is to admit, it turns out that I wasn’t mentally [and spiritually] prepared for it, until today. Something kept tugging at my heart that I just needed to start the year off by going to this event. Maybe it was one of my new year resolutions: stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been connecting and talking to a few vendors and “photografriends” that are a part of this amazing community of Christian Creatives for a few months but again, we just hadn’t “been able” to meet up. We were “friends” but more like Social Media Friends. You know, where it’s easy to talk to people but also hide behind a phone and not show them who you really are? So I walked into this event nervous but excited. And I am not going to lie it felt amazing to be welcomed by a squealing and excited Monique [from Only One Mark, Inc] and Elba [Elba Dipp Photography] when they saw me walk in. Nothing said “Maybe I do belong here” than that!

The reason why I was so nervous is because normally you walk into bridal shows or places where there’s other creative people and you automatically feel like they’re looking at you like you’re competition or you just don’t feel good enough to say what you do because other vendors are “better than you”. This group is the complete opposite, they thrive to show a #CommunityOVERcompetition type of “networking” and I absolutely loved it.

Alex Miranda: Social Media

When I say God works in mysterious ways and His timing is always perfect I mean it. They had a guest speaker at the event. Alex is a Brand Strategist and his message was on how to use Social Media for your business. Something I wrote about on this blog 5 days ago and that I have been struggling with. One of the things I got from the message was on how as a Christian you can use social media as a powerful tool to reach and uplift people and spread the message. Suddenly as I’m hearing him speak I’m thinking of Matthew 28:19. That automatically made me realize God gave me a gift and with it I have the ability of spreading his message to people and all of the sudden a lot of things clicked.

I went to this meeting today because God wanted me to hear this message. I FINALLY met these amazing people I’ve clicked with on Social Media. And after finishing The Magnolia Story by The Gaines and today I realized God knows exactly what He’s doing and I just have to put my trust in him. [Proverbs 3:5-6]. If you’re looking for a great group of Christian friends that are just as creative as you and you’re located in the Miami area let me know and I will send you information to join our chapter!

(sorry for the not-so-great photo it was obviously taken with my phone)

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