The Magnolia Story by Jo and Andrea

January 12, 2018

Magnolia Waco Texas Fixer Upper Book

Oh, Social Media! It can be a powerful and amazing thing to connect with all your loved ones but it’s also bittersweet. I’ve been struggling with it for quite some time. Instagram and Snapchat specifically. I was always worried that some of my friends don’t want to see wedding photos all the time and that some of my clients don’t want to see my personal stuff. I didn’t know how much too share or what to share.

I’m already an overthinker as it is and this was something I actually worried about. I separated my personal IG from my business one but going back and forth between both definitely gets frustrating. I’m a people person so not sharing things with potential brides made me feel disconnected. I love having people know about me, who I am, and what I like. Which is where the next book comes in.

The Magnolia Story

I walked into Hobby Lobby looking for another copy of the Purpose Driven Life and came across The Magnolia Story. I bought it and started reading it and within a few days I was done. My obsession with Joanna and Chip Gaines is real ya’ll, if you didn’t know that already now you do! One of the things I have always loved and respected is the authenticity they reflect and how genuine they are on screen.

This book has changed my perspective on my own business like you wouldn’t even imagine. There we’re so many things Joanna wrote about in there that tugged at my heart and that I could relate to:

  • The opening of her first shop (the opening of my first studio).
  • That voice inside her head that she battled with to close it (I also know that voice from God a little too well).
  • The way the business just fell on her lap and all her first clients that trusted her and believed in her. (I have a few of those myself and they know who they are).
  • The whole going to school for broadcast journalism and not knowing whether to pursue that as a career or pursue the creative field. Yup! Been there too Joanna!


I mean seriously, it felt as if she was my spirit animal! I might have even cried while reading a few chapters in the book, by the way, I’m a terrible crier too. But this book has done something unexpected to me.

I can feel it coming in the air tonight…

Well maybe not tonight as I’m writing this blog post, but it’s definitely coming. I’ve realized that I will always try to be as authentic as I possibly can.

2017 was my own personal year to rebrand and I had a few awesome vendor friends ask me for help or advise with their own stuff! This is when I realized I not only love serving my couples but I also love helping other friends succeed at what they have a calling to do. I have a few projects up my sleeves but one of the things I will be incorporating in 2018 is helping other vendors in the industry build their sites and brands.¬†Whether you’re a photografriend, aspiring photographer, or a bride I want you to know you can always approach me and I will do my best to be a helping hand!

When the time is right I will let you all in on the other projects! But for now go out and buy the book, it may just change your life!

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