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January 25, 2018

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I absolutely love happy brides! I mean seriously, what other photographer doesn’t? But brides like Cristina make my soul jump out of my skin! When Cristina came to me referred by a past bride of mine, Sofia, I was ecstatic; I just loved her personality. She’s not afraid to be herself and that’s why I can tell everybody loves her, including Ryan. Maybe she reminds me a little bit of myself, “inappropriately funny” at times with absolutely no filter but with a very sweet and tender heart! And then Ryan, oh Ryan, he’s the typical guy I would go for (not that I would go for him because obviously he’s Cristina’s husband but ya’ll get the point)! He’s just the quiet, white boy, from the smallest town I’ve never even heard of in Florida LOL! Willing to go along with all of the craziness Cristina brings to the table!

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Doral Country Club

Their wedding was definitely very Disney inspired. Cristina works for Walt Disney’s Imagineering so of course, she is probably one of Disney’s biggest fans. If you couldn’t tell already, her favorite color is PURPLE! The Ceremony took place at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Doral followed by a reception at the Doral Park Country Club. One of the things I loved about this wedding was that Cristina chose to get ready at her parent’s house instead of a hotel. There’s something so different about the bride that gets ready at the house she grew up in. They’re usually very family-oriented and it works great in their album because it tells “her” story!

Here’s a very awaited sneak peek of Cristina and Ryan’s wedding! It took me a while because it was so hard to choose from so many great photos but I know she’s been eager to see some of these! Enjoy!

that moment when you realize you’re about to get married! Luckily they hadn’t finished her makeup!

look at the squinting on both Cristina and her dad’s eyes!

That father daughter first look! Notice her hesitation when tapping him on the shoulder! Cristina’s parents surprised her by having them sing A Whole New World (the theme song from Aladdin) during the Ceremony. Her reaction was priceless!

  On our way to the reception we kind of stalked them and made sure to follow them all the way to Doral Park Country Club!

Cristina danced with her father, grandfather, and brother.

Ryan somehow got the garter stuck in the chandelier!

Can you spot the garter? Luckily they found an extra one to throw!

This crowd definitely knew how to party!

And I have honestly been blessed to have photographed these amazing girls and all the other amazing brides I’ve had the pleasure to photograph!

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