Recap of Twenty-Seventeen

December 27, 2017

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It’s the final week of 2017 and like usual I write a blog post reviewing how the year went or highlighting my favorite photos. This past year has been a little different personally and professionally. I learned to value myself and my work; not to say yes to everyone and how to challenge myself and face certain fears. I took on less weddings but I guess it was more about quality over quantity for me. I learned that even though I love what I do I had overworked myself for the first few years trying to make a name for myself and it honestly wasn’t as worth it as I thought it would be. I had lost the passion I had for shooting weddings and families and this year I found it again and with a very different intensity. So here it is; a review of some of the great things 2017 had to bring.


I worked hard in the beginning of the year to get the branding of my business exactly where I’ve always wanted it to be. Still tweaking a few things here and there but let’s face it I’m a perfectionist and there’s always things to fix. The marketing folders that were put together were a hit amongst a lot of vendor friends and I was so happy to be able to send and share some of these with some of the favorite people I’ve been lucky to meet through the industry.

My brides also get an amazing Welcome Packet now with a ton of information guides, letter, and even a gift that I hope they value and actually read.Hazy Skies Design and Designaglow Embossed Marketing Folders

I incorporated new products and new collections to offer my brides and grooms based on past clients and preferences.


I finally got to shoot a wedding outside of FLORIDA and I was so freaking excited for this wedding! I knew it was going to be a gorgeous one because Michelle was extremely detail oriented but it was also special because I grew up with JD. I absolutely fell in love with Georgia and especially The Engine Room; if I could shoot more weddings out there I totally would **hint hint**. Or any other state for that matter. I discovered a new side of shooting weddings in traveling outside of Miami that I can’t wait to explore more of in the coming months.

I got over my fear of long flights and finally made it to Paris! Now I know exactly why everyone always told me I needed to visit and honestly I cannot wait to go back, hopefully in 2018. 

Thanks to Hurricane Irma I made it to Waco, Texas because if you know me, you know I love Joanna and Chip Gaines and anything that’s Fixer Upper related. And I even stopped by New Orleans on my way home from Texas. #milestomagnolia sign


Oh Weddings! I love you even though you make my body hurt the next day! Ya’ll don’t know how sore I am the days following a wedding, those hangovers are REAL!  This year I have booked more weddings of people that live outside of Miami than I have of people that actually live locally so I guess that must be a great thing right?

We’ll start off with Maria and Andy that live in Boston and came down here to have a Beach wedding.

Then we have Lynette and Reinier, when they booked me Rey was stationed somewhere in Africa and Lynette was living somewhere else.

And to finalize 2017 with a bang and I mean a HUGE BANG cause this couple’s wedding is going to be just grand, I can already feel it, we have Cristina and Ryan who live in Orlando and are getting married on December 29th, 2017. Obviously, I can’t wait to shoot that wedding to finish out our year!


But most importantly I realized why I’ve stuck around and done this for seven years now. Because as hard as it may be emotionally and physically sometimes to photograph weddings; the friendships and bond I have created with some of my client-friends have honestly been the best and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year I realized that, when I got to photograph a few of my old brides expecting their second baby; even though I wasn’t emotionally all there to shoot their first pregnancies they completely understood that I needed a bit of a break but still wanted to come back to introduce me to their children and capture a new milestone.

Now with 2017 ending there’s still a few goals and things I want to target both personally and professionally. I cannot wait until the new year begins and see the babies some of my couples will welcome and meet new couples that will become a part of my #DoubleAAfamily! Bring on 2018!

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