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Photography for the
sentimental and romantic

Serving south florida


Photography for the
romantic and sentimental

Serving South Florida

We exist to capture your legacy;

to document the moments



it's more than a beautiful dress,
perfectly arranged flowers,
and a gorgeous venue

I believe in the old-school, once in a lifetime type of love. In knowing each other's love language and trying to fill their tanks to make them happy. I believe in high school sweethearts; in best friends that fall in love at a young age. In the unconditional love that will do whatever it takes to make their significant other happy. In having a soulmate that moves your soul.

between you and your significant other.
between you two and me.


Friendships. Family. Best Friends. You name it. I believe in building and solidifying relationships with people. In having friends in low places and in having a close group of friends that you can always count on and that you can't have a wedding without. I believe in relationships that are formed during trials and those that are filled with respect and love.

the love, tears, and laughter
we capture the most candid and
raw moments.


I believe in laughter that makes you cry, the kind that makes your abs hurt more than going to the gym. I believe in crying; crying when you're sad and crying tears of joy during moments of happiness. I believe in telling and showing people how you feel because you never know when you'll get an opportunity like that again.

the joining of two. the important
dances. the people that raise you.
the people that love you.


I believe in the union of a family. I'm the photographer that hides behind the camera during the father-daughter dance to cry because I'm a Daddy's Girl. But at the same time my mom is my best friend so I also get emotional when the mom is helping the bride get into her wedding dress. 



You've been together for quite some time now, you know what makes each other tick and what your favorite foods are. You've probably traveled to a few places together and if not you have a list of countries and cities you want to go to as soon as you say I do. You love hosting dinner parties and having family and friends over because you value the relationships and the people you have around you.

You've probably considered eloping because you're overwhelmed with so many details and opinions but you know your wedding day will be one of the best days of your lives and the beginning of an endless journey with the one you love. We want to capture the details and the emotions from the early stages of your engagement down to the moment you exit your reception as husband and wife. 

you're friendly, adventurers, and family oriented

Why be a #doubleaacouple

You've been dreaming of your wedding day your whole life and now that you finally found the best friend you want to start a family with you're overwhelmed with details and information from a numerous amount of vendors especially photographers. You value the importance of your photos because 30 years from now when your daughter gets engaged you want to be able to open up your album and relive your beautiful day as she makes fun of all the lace and rustic details from your wedding day. 

My goal as your photographer is to become your best friend and make sure you're comfortable enough with me to follow you, your groom, family and your bridesmaids through the entire wedding day. I want you to be so happy you'll even come back to me to capture your belly when you're expecting your first child!

you're sophisticated, a hopeless romantic, and very detailed

Why be a #doubleaabride

Dear Future Bride,

I know right now you're probably dreading the fact that you have to get in front of a camera. I mean, you probably keep telling your fiance to just tell you where and what time to show up for the ceremony. You're mostly thinking of spending time with the guys watching sports in a hotel room while you drink before the ceremony. But you love your lady so much you know this is extremely important for her and will do anything to make her happy even if it means standing in the heat in front of a camera for a couple of hours.

But let me tell you, your wedding day is also about you and I want to be able to document you and the guys having fun before you "take the plunge". You'll be so excited to see your bride but also extremely nervous because you won't know how you'll react. Will you cry? Will you gasp? Will you stand there simply in shock? Let's find out together and let us capture it as it happens!

you're charming, a guy's guy, and in love with your lady

Why be a #doubleaagroom

Dear Future Groom,


Andrea A.

The first part of the doubleAA Wedding Photography Experience is a very important blind date over coffee or beer (on me!) where we'll meet and get to know each other. You'll tell me about how you met, how the proposal went down, and what you envision your dream wedding day to be like. I will then build a Photography Timeline customized just for you and your wedding so that you have a better idea of how many hours we'll need to photograph your day!

Can't meet in person? That's what Facetime is for!

After our Initial Blind Date it's our turn to propose to you guys! We'll send you all the details using our Online Booking Software and once again it'll be your turn to say Yes to another proposal!

A few weeks later we'll set another date to photograph you both for your engagement session, so you may send Save the Dates before your wedding day!

Finally! After months of communicating, learning about each other, and establishing our relationship your wedding day will be here! We'll arrive at the prepping location a few hours before the ceremony, where we will photograph your details, the girls and the guys getting ready, and then head over to the ceremony and reception!

Your portraits can either be done during the First Look or immediately following the Ceremony!

While you're on your honeymoon we'll be extremely busy editing your beautiful photographs from your wedding day! You will more than likely even receive your First Sneak Peek when you're away sipping on some cocktails by the beach with your new hubby! 

When you get back from your relaxing honeymoon you better believe we'll be waiting for you so we can pop some champagne and relive your amazing wedding day!


next collection

Luxury Collection

Up to ten hours of coverage
Two Photographers
Downloadable High Resolution Photos
12x12" Luxury Album
Glass box with 25 4x6" Matte Prints
USB with Digital Photos
Online Viewing Gallery
90 minute complimentary engagement session
Print Release


Signature Collection

Up to eight hours of coverage
Two Photographers
Downloadable High Resolution Photos
10x10" Signature Album
Online Viewing Gallery
60 minute complimentary engagement session
Print Release


Classic Collection

Up to six hours of coverage
Two Photographers
Downloadable High Resolution Photos
Online Viewing Gallery
Print Release


Keren and patrick

Andrea was the first vendor I booked for my wedding and she made the rest so much easier

She gave me wonderful vendor recommendations and she truly helped me build a great team of vendors. I initially contacted her when I was living in a different state and I didn't know anyone so her help was truly invaluable. My husband and I had already gotten married in a very small New York City Hall ceremony almost a year before our "wedding" in Miami. But we loved doing it that way and I gotta say that we had a non-traditional wedding. When we first contacted Andrea, she was real upbeat about our idea and she was on it with us 100% plus she was a treat to work with. My husband I got ready in the same room, we had no first look, we had no bridal party, we had no garter or bouquet toss. Did I mention we had a Latin and Chinese wedding?! We made our wedding the way we wanted it and Andrea captured the essence of the day. She went with the flow and gave us great ideas.

isabela and jean paul

Andrea is very responsive and flexible - she listened to our wants and needs and accommodated every request...

Andrea was incredible! We had our engagement photography and wedding photography done by Andrea and we have been just thrilled with our pictures! We wanted a classic timeless look for the Engagement session and she truly caught the vibe that we were going for. Our engagement pictures were stunning, as if from a magazine! We loved them so much we used them to make a customized guestbook for the reception.
So far we have seen a couple of "sneak peek" shots of the wedding and each is more beautiful than the last. We just can't wait to receive our full set of wedding pictures, we know it will be fantastic!
Andrea is very responsive and flexible- she listened to our wants and needs and accomodated every request. We even ran off with her to take a picture on Miracle Mile right in the middle of the reception! Would highly recommend her, she is great :)




Photography for the
romantic and sentimental

Serving South Florida

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