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Redland Koi Gardens

Nov 18, 2013

Camila + Joseph

I am so lucky to have the most amazing and supportive friends in the world. Many photographers will tell you that they don’t like photographing their friend’s weddings because they want to enjoy it or because they feel like they won’t make enough money out of it, but to me, photographing my friend’s weddings has no price. I love it. I put so much thought, work, dedication, and emotion into it that I usually always try to make sure their photos are better than anything else while I cry behind my camera. Their photos are the one thing that will last them forever after their wedding is over.

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing another one of my friend’s weddings. Joseph, or Jojo, as we like to call him was marrying his girlfriend Camila at the church where we grew up and attended every Wednesday or Friday during our school year for chapel. Jojo attended Princeton for 14 years so having his ceremony there was of huge significance for his parents. Their ceremony was followed by a lovely reception at Redland Koi Gardens in Homestead, FL.

Princeton Christian School and Church weddingredland koi gardens-6_Miami Wedding Photographerredland koi gardens-2_ Miami Florida Wedding Photographer

redland koi gardens-7_Thalatta Estate Wedding Miami Florida Wedding Photographerredland koi gardens-4_Thalatta Estate Wedding Miami Florida Wedding Photographer

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